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Your efforts inspire us

Thank you so much for your help this election campaign. 

Because of you we were able to deliver The Greens' message and our progressive policies to tens of thousands of voters across our electorate of Grayndler. 

On current figures, The Greens' vote in Grayndler was 23%. This is the best result for The Greens in the country, after the electorates of Melbourne and Batman.

And what a win in Melbourne! Adam Bandt has been re-elected, despite the collusion of the major parties on preferences. Adam's victory has cemented The Greens' positions as the dynamic, progressive voice in Australia politics.

Despite that good news, we all woke today with realisation that we now have an Abbott government. This government will attempt to strip back the rights of workers, the rights of women, environmental protections and our public services, our hospitals and our schools.

We can't let this happen.

In Grayndler the Liberal vote stayed completely flat, despite a strong national swing to the Coalition. This shows that in our electorate, the most progressive in the country, voters rejected Abbott's negative agenda.

What we did see was a small shift from The Greens to the Labor Party, clearly showing the fear in our electorate about an Abbott-led government.

Our challenge and our responsibility now is to help build the movement against Abbott's destructive agenda and advance practical and visionary solutions to the great challenges before us.

We cannot rely on the Labor party to do this.

In the Senate poll, where our candidate Cate Faehrmann still has a real chance of being elected, more than 1 in 4 people in Grayndler voted for The Greens. The Liberal Senate vote was under 20 per cent.

As we also turn our focus to the next NSW state election in 2015, where we must defend the Greens held seat of Balmain and make inroads elsewhere, we wanted to thank you once more.

We're going to need you more than ever.


Hall Greenland and Lesa de Leau.

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